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28. November 2006

Karaoke conceived differently

PowerPoint Karaoke is online. Under the motto “Get up, present, win“, the folks at T-Mobile are now looking for the most gifted presenter. In trendy locations, chilled-out students present whatever their classmates upload via the PowerPoint Karaoke Site – and we MEAN whatever. That way, T-Mobile cleverly combine student life with their rate Relax Student. We at DOM have implemented the site which can be reached at:,12035,17434-_,00.html
28. November 2006

web’n’walk Usability Test

Just now, we at DOM have implemented the results of our own usability survey for T-Mobile International. It was designed to help optimize the web’n’walk websites of the different international T-Mobile branches.
In order to explain web’n’ walk, the mobile Internet by T-Mobile, more lucidly, DOM had begun by developing a clickdummy out of a home-grown concept depicting what was to become the web’n’walk internet presence. Now, the clickdummy has been tested by independent users. That way, a user-friendly website has come into being which describes the advantages of the mobile internet in just a few clicks. The various international T-Mobile branches will soon incorporate that page into their respective national websites.
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